Sunday, August 31, 2008

Random Boring Post...

Disclaimer: Don't tell me I didn't warn you. Please refer to the title, incase of any clarifications.

17-and-a-half months is surely a long time. Why did I not feel like blogging is what I wouldn't be able to answer. Why I blogged now? Hmm... Let's put that to the Bloggers Day (I know it sounds pretty lame, but blah ... who cares).

Bookstores are awesome for timepassing - 2 reasons. First, the obvious one being books. One can spend hours together just glancing through the books, and trying to find some good ones to read or possibly buy. I've spent about close to 6 hours today at Crossword, Himalaya, Odyssey and Walden just going through. And, yeah ... the price being I resisted, resisted and still resisted, and yet bought 3k worth books :(. I need to control the urge to buy. And the second, the chicks factor :P.

Wonder why IV, halley, Vasan havent blogged as yet as part of the Bloggers Day.

Chelsea seriously rocks!! Scolari as the Coach; Ballack, Deco, Lampard, Joe Cole controlling midfield; Drogba, Shevschenko, and soon-to-come Robinho as forward line. And, of course, you've got the old warhorses - Terry, Cech etc ... What a dream team !!! I still root for Barcelona and Messi, though :D

US Open's decent, so far ... though I did not definitely like Safin, Ivanovic getting kicked out :( Although how much ever I hate Federer, I hate it even more if he starts playing like some random jackass at any of the Grand Slams. He was soo pathetic in his win against Alves. Nadal was ONLY slightly better off in his disposal of Troicki.

Probably agree with Pati - when he says quality is better than quantity. Though, it's nice to see lots of people blogging, I'd still rather have the Random IV post/ Vasan's brilliant posts etc.

Yay! Argentina won Olympics Gold in Football :)

I haven't got anything substantial and interesting which I can probably post. So, suggestions please :) ... (Confidential, controversial post ideas need to be sent by email ONLY). I promise a better post soon based on the responses/ events happening which are worth writing about.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

A tagged post

I thought it was time to be back blogging, after almost a year's hiatus. The things which made me blog are the tagged post, my personal boredom levels, and lotsa interesting things like Manish's innumerable connections ... etc

iv tagged me ... and here goes,

One thing you are afraid of

life after IIIT :(

Two unforgettable incidents

IIIT(lots of them) and the Inter Univ football match vs Madras Univ. :)

Three books

Godfather, Omerta, Catch 22 …

Four beautiful women

Scarlett Johansson, Brande Rodericks, Anna Kournikova, Penelope Cruz

Five Fooditems

Food ?? pcch ... but anyway Milk Shakes, Ice Creams, Curd, Pizza, Cotton Candy :D

Six oft used words

crap, hehe, blah, cha, oi, hmm

Seven things awesome about me

Quoting iv --> I’m sure it’d be more fun if you chaps filled this out in the comments.

Film personalities (Eight)

Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Madhavan, George Clooney, SRK, Johnny Depp

Movies nine

Godfather, Gladiator, Toy Story, Boondock Saints, Gentleman, Baby's Day Out, Ocean's Eleven, DDLJ, The Green Mile etc

Music ten

Bitter Sweet Symphony, Comfortably Numb, Pray for me brother, Fanaa, Jaage Hain, Requiem for the rings,
lovecheck, Rahman's songs etc...

List of jobless souls tagged by me:



Halley ( I havent seen a post frm him in a longggg time )


and fellow bloggers :)


ps- ug4 mailing list most active ever .. :)

ps1- Flushed away's good

ps2- Kanpur sucks big time

ps3- wlan sucks

ps4- hoping that some movies get copied soon frm dcpp

ps5- blogspot seems to be screwed up :(, more on this in the next post

ps6- excuse me for lack of formatting

ps7- The End.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A few happenings here and there ...

I dont know what made me to post this, but it seems like a millenium since i've posted about something. My bro got into National Law Univ, Jodhpur , apparently one of the top 4 univs in the country for law. Good for him ! coz thts the only thing he got into after writing those innumerable exams. Good for me, that I can visit the whole of North and West India, by the time he completes graduation ( which is gonna take 5 years ).

For starters, I'm leaving for Agra on this 30th, going to Delhi and be at Jodhpur by 4th, have a complete sightseeing trip of Jodhpur, and go to Mumbai by 9th ... and hopefully be back by 11th night. :) Till Jodhpur, I would be accompanying my parents and bro, after that it wid be me alone.

As far as CAT is concerned, Vasan is going great guns ... He, last heard, was doing 1 Mock CAT paper a day, and then analysing it for over 3 hours after that .. GOD !! I dont know what he is upto right now, but will get you updated as soon as possible. ( Vasan, hope you update me, else it will be again halley's turn :P ) My prep for CAT has slowed down considerably, I hate it ! :P Its prob coz of Vimal ( at CL) , or maybe coz of these buggers who are shouting while playing CS in the night, damn those sys admins who had to close down 328 .. I HATE YOU PPL !!

ps - Manish Jain started blogging .. and it says .. when i'm bored .. God !! its really difficult to find when manish is really bored ..

ps1 - T.I.M.E Mocks have started, and that bugger Alankar got 99 percentile .. He coolly says its jus a mock yaar.

ps2 - Tipo is blogging like-a-bitch .. while also doing his routine of ' Code - Like - A - Bitch'

ps3 - Vasan's haircut is funny, weird, and makes you get a chance to laugh at him everytime you see him :D

ps4 - GG Vasan for your ESWC crap :)

ps5 - I'm too obsessed with orkut, as sriram says.

ps6 - I missed breakfast today .. crap :(

ps7 - CAT rocks !! :D

ps8 - Am I just filling up for the sake of ps's ?

ps9 - English classes suck

ps10 - Blah, i'm bored again ..

ps11 - pleeeasee god pleeeaassseee let the FIFA WC be awesome this time .. so tht i can blog abt the match everyday :)

ps12 - Vasan, I'll put your sleeping pic, in the next post - remind me :P

Monday, May 15, 2006

Reservations in Elite Institutions

I'm writing this post because of the following pictures ... which were telecast all over the T.V. when I went home on Saturday and Sunday. Almost all the news channels were portraying the same brutality, with which the fucked-up-son-of-a-bitch-so-called police buggers hit the medicos in Mumbai. It was insane. I was shocked at the way those bastards were treating the medicos, as if they were some hardcore criminals.These politicians are the worst ever in the world. I'd rather live in some country like Zimbabwe now, rather than this place called INDIA. As George Bernard Shaw, put it once - " POLITICS IS THE LAST REFUGE OF A SCOUNDREL ", I feel that its definitely true in the case of Indian Politics, and especially Congress.

This is most inhuman treatment meted out ever ... I've been reading news all day from NDTV, IBN Live etc. I read Nishant Mehta's mail just now, sent to ; He says that he supports reservations ... I pose him a few questions -

1. Will you be ready to get treated by only the docs who got seats thru reservations all your life, from now on ?

2. How long do you think that, if a person with say, 70,000th rank in AIEEE comes and builds a bridge or a massive building, stays as it is, and not collapse ?

3. Will you take up the responsibility if the above thing happens ?

I've got a few suggestions, though. He was talking all the way, about how reservations will help the poor man ... and etc. WHY THE FUCK NOT HELP HIM FINANCIALLY ? If he is such a great talent, a financial help will do him a world of good. I've heard cases in EAMCET(Test for admission into engineering and medical colleges in AP) ... where a guy with a rank of 1,00,000 has got a seat based on reservation .. What kind of fucked up bullshit is that ? This kind of a thing will destroy the basic idea of implementing an elite institution in the country.

The Congress is just doing this for the vote-banks ... and nothing else. I've been a staunch supporter of Congress all my life, but this decision baffles me the most. I dont think politicians have not learned the fact that one should not meddle with students. I guess Murli Manohar Joshi had already learnt this in the last elections, when he made a similar comment as the HRD Minister.. in a process to decrease the IIM fees. The ex-IIM students had gone to every house and made sure that MM Joshi lost his seat in a pathetic fashion. That was the incident which had an impact only on IIMs. But this is a national issue, and I'm pretty sure that Congress will be wiped out in the next general election. BJP will return to power big time.

For the worst case, I feel that all the doctors who are working in the government hospitals should resign at once ... so that the government will feel the pinch ... they will get fucked badly. And then only will they understand the gravity of this situation.

All of this is a political gimmick, and mainly for votes... because of the fact that Kapil Sibal had turned volte-face ... and also due to the fact that educated and highly respected ppl like Chidambaram, and Manmohan Singh have supported this quota system. They will know the best, but since they also have joined hands in supporting it, it just means that this is all for the votes... what ulti-fucked-up buggers !!

Yesterday, the Union Commerce Minister Kamal Nath was interviewed by Karan Thapar, as part of Devil's Advocate Programme in the CNN IBN channel. Kamal Nath was utterly confused at the end of it. He told Thapar initially that the whole idea of reservation was to get these ppl jobs, so that they would not be economically backward ... in the coming generations and etc. But, accg to Thapar , the current CII and the NSSO figures state that most of the companies in India have more than 50 % of their employees as SC , ST and OBCs ... so, where's the fucking point in having these reservations ? And, as expected Kamal Nath was bulbing ...

One last thing is that, if a student cant perform well in the 11th and 12th practicals in biology, what the fuck can he do in his medical course ? And his first surgeon ? ... I guess I'd say he wid be lucky to make atleast one person survive in his whole life as a surgeon. Rather .. he wid be lucky to survive ... killing ppl after ppl .. operation after operation.

For ppl who are concerned, there is a protest march to be held in Hyderabad ( mostly frm Tank Bund to Raj Bhavan Road) on this Saturday. So, if you are interested, be there. Mails will be sent soon to

One thing is for sure .. just because of this decision, I've decided to vote every time from now on, and I will vote against CONGRESS every single time for the next 50 years atleast.

Dont forget to check these links, they give some interesting news and some alternative suggestions :

1. Is Arjun Singh waiting for a Rajeev Goswami ?
2. Quota Fire Rages across India.
3. Docs Stir gains momentum.
4. IIT Alumnus offers alternatives.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Title please ... all suggestions are welcome !

What the f*** should be a title ? pls post suitable suggestions for a title for this post. To get things started, I was inspired by Vasan to start preparing for CAT in a serious manner. I heard that nowadays, although he criticizes me day-in and day-out for preparing, he is writing a MOCK everyday for abt 2 hrs and then analyses it for another 2. VBH Kalyan stands as a testimony.

" S** of a B**** "

As for the great KirtiMan, gg da .. you rock, but as anand put it - teepo screws up, but not enough - exactly ... where did you miss it ? That one goddamm grade. For ppl who dont knw, tipo got an A- in SE. And tipo also started blogging. I guess its here. And tipo's blog generally compiles in python. What a geek !

Ppl, start thinking abt a trip somewhere ... (ppl here, i mean tipo, vishnu, iv et al). Are we going ? Lets decide on the location and then go abt it na ... I'd say chennai though .. coz , crap I forgot - Sriram's Sis got engaged and her marriage is somewhere in July. So I say .. since there wid be no attendance worries in july, lets go to chennai, mahabalipuram and etc for arnd a week and then come back. What say you ?

I'm bored of doing CAT in lab ... although I'm just pulling myself daily to do that. There's one more tag left for me to do ... the one on the 5 most weird things about myself... I promise to do that when I'm way too bored. I was pissed at some ppl the other day, and I chatted with some ppl to piss them off ... and I got more pissed. Now, I'm in a dilemma whether I'm bad at it .. or the others are good at it.

ps - I'm bored
ps1 - I read this nice piece today :

A: Get out of my house. You've broken all my plates
B: Thanks, I've had a smashing time ! :)

ps2 - I'm bored
ps3 - Enjoyed football today
ps4 - please dont tease me regarding my shirt ... pls, i beg of you :)
ps5 - I'm bored
ps6 - I'm bored
ps7 - Bushi, we need your car treat
ps8 - I'm bored
ps9 - Vasan, your post was nice .. post more frequently ..
ps10 - I'm bored
ps11 - A discussion tonight in lab 330, on how tipo lost tht one solitary grade ... Everyone's Invited ! .. someone pls call kirti too :)

ps12 - New basketballs have arrived ... so, mostly gonna be playing bball daily morning at PT :)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I'm bored ....

I'm writing this post coz i'm ulti bored ... sitting in the lab, jus woken up frm sleep by some ppl( whom i dont wanna name) , and i'm frustoo at them for doing so. I'm sure you wid be bored by reading this. So, read at your own risk. My daily timetable is much better than iv's ... atleast its not vague, and undefined.

1. Get up at 6.00 AM for pt.
2. Go to pt and come back by 7.45 / 8.00 AM
3. Eat breakfast
4. Goto sleep till 12.00 PM / goto lab 328 and study for CAT till 12.00 PM
5. Eat lunch
6. Goto lab 328 and study for CAT till 5.00 PM
7. Play football
8. Play basketball
9. Eat dinner
10. Goto lab 328 and study for CAT
11. Sleep by 11.30 PM

Today's CAT class was interesting for a change. There was a teacher [ donno whether to call her a girl/ woman/ lady :( ]. She introduced herself saying that she was a DU passout in 2001, and then got into IIM-B and graduated in 2005, and got recruited by BNP Paribas Bank. She quit that job and joined CL. I seriously dont have any idea why wid you quit such a nice job like that and join as a teacher in CL... Anyway, she taught RC(Reading Comprehension). A pretty good class considering that i did not feel sleepy at any point of time, although i was bored at the end of it. CAT classes are interesting these days, coz of some things

1. 4 girls frm NIFT, outta which a cpl of them look good; one of them is awesome
2. 4 - 5 girls frm St. Francis, who dress awesome :), and one of them looks nice.
3. A new lecturer every class and we see some dumbasses coming(like Sumit, wht say vasan ? )
4. A/C fitted into classrooms ... yay :)

Someone, pls download Godfather game asap, and pls release the latest versions of Farcry and HL2 asap. Need to get some relief by playing.

Now, I'm bored of this .. please help me someone ... you will be aptly rewarded :)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tagging post

Was tagged by iv ... a few days back (i guess). This is one of the most useless, pointless things. But, it helps pass the time ... anyway blah. I finally found a title for the topic at the first go, rather than the usual thinking abt it for 30 mins and putting a random title. yay ...

I wanted to blog after a long long time ... and finally opened the blogger homepage with 200% enthu. after 30 mins , with 20 clicks on the same link ... got the enthu to 25% ... and frustoo with this bitch blogger.

Anyway, here goes ...

1. Were you named after someone??

yah, after Gautam Buddha

2. Do you wish on stars?

if given a chance , heck yeah !!

3. When did you last cry?

abt a cpl of months back .. dont rmr why

4. Do you like your handwriting?

i do

5. What is your favourite meat?

strictly veg !!

6. What is your most embarrassing CD on your shelf?


7. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with yourself


8. Are you a daredevil?


9. How do you release anger?

shout at ppl like bushi etc :)

10. Where is your second home?

obh 293

11. Do you trust others easily?


12. What was your favourite toy(s) as a child?

lego building games and hot wheels cars :)

13. What class in school/college do you think is totally useless?

hindi classes in 9th and 10th ... taught by the most boring and dumbass prof ever

14. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

not my cup of tea

15. Have you ever been in a mosh pit?

wtf ?

16. What do you look for in a girl?

she shud be pretty, nice to talk to, intelligent ... and no arrogance pls

17. Would you bungee jump?

heck yeah !

18. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?


19. What’s your favourite ice cream?

pista / chocolate / tutti frutti / and most of what baskin robbins/ melting moments ppl have

20. What are your favourite colours?

black on dresses(for girls :D), silver etc

21. What are your least favourite things?

hmm ...

22. How many people do you have a crush on right now?

i'd say 2 (?)

23. Who do you miss most right now?


24. What are you listening to right now?

Devuda song frm Pokiri :)

25. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

black :)

26. What is the weather like right now?

hot .. friggin' hot

27. Last person you talked to on the phone?


28. The “first” thing you notice about the opposite sex?

hmm ... you've gotta ask them :)

29. Do you like the person who sent you this?

iv - hmm , a first rate asshole ... but he's pretty dumb, a good friend .. yeah i like him.

30. How are you today?


31. Favourite non alcoholic drink?

any milkshake does

32. Favourite alcoholic drink?

i'd say fenny( a Goa local alchohol - 36% alchohol in it) , vodka

33. Natural hair colour?


34. Eye colour?


35. Wear contacts?


36. Siblings?

yeah .. a younger bro

37. Favourite month?

Oct - Nov

38. Favourite food?

anything veg ... mostly wht my mom makes

39. Favourite day of the year?

my bday :)

40. Have you ever been too shy to ask someone out?

yeah .. most of the times :)

41. Scary movies or happy endings?

happy endings ... and not those kinda dumb-happy endings, which most telugu or hindi movies have .

42. Summer or winter?


43. Holi or Diwali?

both ... wid prefer diwali (coz its my bday)

44. Do you like your name?

yeah .. wid have preferred a name wid Siddharth rather than Siddarth ( god damm those 10th board ppl)

45. What book/magazine are you reading?

the parsifal mosaic, the lazarus vendetta by robert ludlum and lot of cat materials :D

46. What’s on your mouse pad?

i guess garbage ... its down in the dumps

47. What did you watch on TV last night?

the last time ... champions league match

48. Favourite Smell?

hmm ... nice food ... and a nice perfume frm a stunning girl :D

49. Have you ever regretted breaking up with someone?

yeah ... once !

50. Most tiresome thing you’ve ever experienced/done?

going to CAT class in a cpl of over heated buses ... on last saturday afternoon ...

I tag …

tipo ( welcome to bloggin' )


prof.kamal (:D)

cant find anyone more :)


ps - tipo shaved ... and he is looking pretty and beautiful :)

ps1 - i'm bored again

ps2 - iv, stop raping MS

ps3 - apparently, if u want to be woken up for pt, you can give ur cell no to the PDs and they will give u a missed call at 6.15 am in the morning daily :))

ps4 - iv's post on timetable sucks ass !!

ps5 - I'm bored ...

ps6 - vasan, i want to go tht CAT class daily da ... u know why :)

ps7 - I'm back !!

Friday, March 10, 2006

An early morning post

A lovely morning, i'm fresh after almost 11 hrs of sleep last night... i thought of taking a pic and here it is ... the date says otherwise, but its coz of the low battery... it changes date randomly... and i forgot to take care of it.

The past week has been pretty good actually - starting with the BTP Viva, and ending with me getting news tht my new cellphone wid be a Motorola Motorazr ... :)

Our panel was the ulti-cool panel : Bipin Sir, Dipti Mishra Ma'am, and Pudi Sir. Anyway, i'm doing my project under Bipin Sir with Arun Balakrishnan, who btw is also my TOC tutor .. :D .. (thnx da - i will do a slightly more part of the project). The project is abt Modeling Animal Herding Behaviour. We plan to do a simulation of Follow, Evade, Attack, Confine, Evolve etc using a set of agents against another set of agents. Now, we enter into the room after Sriram has left the room, saying he screwed it up. But, we overheard the panel discussing and apparently Sriram has got an A- . We sat down, and Bipin had asked us to explain the project. Once we were done wid tht, Bipin was all smiles, Mishra was smiling and Pudi (as usual) smiling .. :D
A cpl of doubts frm Pudi and we were done. It took us just abt 4 mins for the whole viva.

Actually the day before the viva, we ( me , Gayam, Erra Balu, Narasimhan, Prashant, 3 more first yrs) went to play football. Then, it started raining when Narasimhan and Prashant decided to go back. We continued playing in the rain. It was awesome... reminding me of the first year when abt 20 ppl in our batch used to go and play esp. in the rain. We played till arnd 6.30 when it was still pouring. I came back to my room, took a nice bath... and then realized tht my cell is no more ... it got fked to the core... the display doesnt work.
I removed my battery and checked it wid another one, but still it wasnt working. So, I decide to call my dad, and the result - after 2 days(Thursday), I'm using Manish's cell and when I call home, I get a response saying tht my dad is gonna buy a Motorola Motorazr for me ...

The pic beside is the V3 version ... I hope i get this .. its got some awesome features - MotoRazr V3

Now, I'm waiting for it ...

I dont know what to say, but I feel IIIT is simply wasting money on some useless work - painting of the footpath ... and the path in the garden in front of OBH etc. Now they are upto something similar - they put Tubelights in bathrooms removing the older bulbs. I dont fking get it why. The bulbs were pretty good, jus tht they need to replace them. But, no .. these ppl come to our (almost every, i suppose) wing and put tubelights in bathrooms and go. This - they will do. But, despite innumerable complaints regarding the geyser in the bathroom, they never repair it. Its been almost 8 months since i've shifted to this wing the 290's .. frm the 250's. And I think the geyser has worked abt 3 times only(Correct me if i'm wrong). These dumbasses shud start thinking of more productive work than this.

ps - Ivy's post on football is nice ...

ps1 - Ivy .. u basically dont know how to hold an object still for a pic.

ps2 - Arun, if u are reading this, do the BTP.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

R & D Showcase '06 and other blah blah blah ...

R & D - It was okay, except for the fact that I was the only 3rd yr guy showing our(me and monga) robotics project - A Jumping Robot.(see the pic) . Anyway, before any questions are asked, our definition of the project, as per the robotics course is -

1. It is supposed to jump up in the air.
2. It is not our problem, as to what happens next - whether it falls down and breaks or whtvr.
3. Its gonna jump once and only once.

But, at the R&D, I basically told so much crap abt wht it will do when its done, that everybody (including myself) was very much appreciative of the idea and etc (other blah blah blah).

So, most of the thursday was basically building this robot, with the mag team meeting in the afternoon with Mrs. Meera Marathe - made a plan to bring out the IIIT Magazine - Interface - in the first week of April. After that, Su wid handover the reigns of the mag to us... I then went to the FSIS meeting wid the director to discuss abt the security issues, where we vehemently opposed the rule of banning cars in the campus. Hope that the rule wid not be implemented, coz i'm plannin' to bring a car soon ...

On 3rd, I put up the robot in 129, and roamed about looking at different projects, while spending most of my time at the DE Section ... It was fun there wid tipo and bushi. The whole day went like that, wid me enjoying by going to Bio lab abt 6 times (u know why). Finally, played football in the evening for about 1.5 hrs ... and then got back to the room, chatted for sometime and finally slept wid the hope tht I get up the next day morning for my CAT Class...
Btw, It rained after a longgggggggg time ...

4th Morning :
Was supposed to get up early for the CAT Class ... About 11 alarm rings between 5 - 5.30 am and I woke up to NONE of them. And irony was that it was the first time that none of us - me, Karthik and KrishnaAditya woke up by 6.30. I was woken up by Krishnaaditya's call at 6.30 to ask me abt the class ... We decided to screw going to class that day. Around breakfast time, I got to know that the class was cancelled ... WOW! What luck! Then, I decided that if I ever put an alarm , it means that I wake up.

I went to the R&D at arnd 11.30 am in the morning. And it was almost the same, wid the exception that the people who came to see almost tripled. So, it was kinda repetitive - I think of something else, but still the same old crap comes out of my mouth. In the meanwhile Ramji(see pic) was going all guns blazing while explaining his project. Vardhman Jain's project was kinda cool - removing an object from a movie file ... lot of ppl got some really weird ideas - he said he wid try to implement those. Finally, the day ended wid me playing football again and sleeping while watching the film - Good Night, and Good Luck I wid recommend watching this movie ... Its a pretty good one. Plot revolves around 1950's ... A black and white movie.

Sunday(Today) Morning :

Another weird start to the day, I got up to the alarm immediately, got ready by 8.15 am and went to the NBH Mess (for a change). Kartik and Vasan went home. So, it was me and Aditya to go to Ameerpet for the CL(Career Launcher) Class... I eat till 8.30 and feel surprised tht Adi isnt thr yet. So, I call him to find out tht he woke up just then. Hehe ... Its ALWAYS the other way round. I am always late ... by atleast 5 mins ... and he curses me, and we finally go to the class while frustrating Adi, along wid Vasan's help. There the CL guys ask for a reason, I'm always ready wid some excuse or the other, and we go into the class... Today, it was nice to be on the other side of the table. We went 17 minutes late to be precise... but, nothing happened, we went into the class with minimum fuss ... We came back in the Baleno again, ... seriously, driving baleno rocks !! I got Gulab Jamoon frm home, now its almost finished .. I shud think of some way which I can hide it ... any suggestions are welcome :)

Now, I check mail to find tht DC assignment 2 has arrived ... some one pls do it, and mail me ... :)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Some Mixed Feelings ...

This was the last cpl of days, some mixed feelings ...

SE exam (16.00 hrs to 17.30 hrs ) :

It was a '*$&)%%#@$&@#^@#' paper ... I went to the exam room at 16.10 hrs and wrote all what I could by 16.20 hrs, but I couldnt get up at that instant itself coz of some crap ...

1. I was sitting in the first bench.
2. I see left, I could see Santosh Raju and Saraschandra going all guns blazing ...
3. I see right, I saw Sugandh and Sukesh drawing some crap with a PENCIL !!! ..
4. Then to the extreme right, was Anand, who was in his usual spirits, cant say anything frm tht.
5. I turned around to see Bull writing (fuck) ... I've never seen him write like tht in a long time :P

So, I was sitting there till arnd 17.10 hrs when I got fed up and finally left the room to see trappi , who btw said tht he screwed up the paper bigtime, which gave me some much needed relief.

Thursday :

I woke up at 6.30 am in the morning, god knows how ... I realize tht the PC is behaving in a strange manner ... What followed was a problem which I still cannot understand...

- Around 25 times, the system hangs / restarts from 06.30 am to 06.45 am.
- I cant play a game
- I cant play a movie with VLC .. it hangs if I do so ...
- If I try it with Winamp, the screen goes blank and comes blank .. this process goes on for 5 - 6 times and then the system restarts ...
- I cant play even Solitaire ..

I remembered ivy whose PC started giving beeping sounds at 3.00 in the morning .. :)) . So, I finally decided to install XP again. Installed successfully, but the same problem in a smaller fashion repeats itself ... :(

So, in the afternoon, evening, and most part of the night, it was some chatting, watching FRIENDS, random listening to songs, and doing BTP .. (finally)

Bushi finally gave the Felicity T-Shirt .. but crap, I cant wear it coz its of a smaller size ...

Friday :

Went to the SE and robotics classes in the morning, watch a lil more of FRIENDS till the afternoon, and then did the BTP again till evening, when I went to play football .. it was surprising tht a pretty gud number of ppl turned up ...

Btw, I made my highest score today in Solitaire ... 11323 .. done in close to 60 secs ... :D ; Take tht monga .. beat tht and show me .. :)

Tommorrow, there's a CAT class again at 6.30 in the morning, ppl pls wake me up at 5.00 am ... whosoever reads this ... thnx in advance :) , and hope we win again in cricket tommorrow morning against UG1 ... Best of luck ppl ...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Exams suck ass !

Why do you need to keep exams ? ... Why cant every course be like Intro to Cognitive Science. It was an awesome course, no midsems, no endsems ... just a presentation , a term paper, and some assignments ... And added to that he grades well ... (got an A- in the course :D ).
A good week before exams, went for Rang De Basanti on Saturday evening (finally). And then home on Sunday Morning, coz of the new car - Maruti Baleno. It was nice driving it... compared to Zen. Fkin Zen was 1000 cc and this was 1600 cc. This baleno was jumping even with a small acceleration, and brakes were too powerful ... Took a little time to adjust, but after that it was a nice ride to the college ... Will drive it more in the coming weeks.. :) .

Coming back to exams .. I had 3 till now .. Globalisation and Social Development .. the course is good ... nice to listen and argue, but crappy to write [learnt tht in the exam :( ] .

Then, it was time for TOC and DC. Venkaiah rocks ! He makes such nice papers, that you would love to attempt at exams. Started DC portion at 6.00 on Monday evening, finished the portion by 10.00 in the night and had a tute till 12.00 covering all the portion, thanks to ntr ... Started the fked up TOC portion at 1.00 am on Tuesday Morning with the exam at 8.30 am. I finished the CFGs by 2.30 - 3.00 and then slept ... woke up in the morning at 6.00 am ... then started reading PDA ... the theorems suck !! I woke up Vishnu at 7.00 and had a small tute abt PDAs and CFL properties. By 8.00, I was ready for TOC ... then went to the exams

Result :
Globalisation was just alright, with lotsa crap which i felt made sense ...
Toc was pretty ok, expecting some where arnd 12 -15 out of 20. ( With tht kinda prep)
DC was ok, except tht i kinda screwed up 2nd bit of 2nd question.

And now, enjoyin' life again with games and a lil hope tht SE wont be screwed up as it was last time ...

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Vishnu's Bday and bc ...

Yesterday night, Vishnu was kicked for the first time ... we had a nice time in OBH, where he finally cut his cake, a cake from Country Oven, Begumpet where I and Monga went at 10.00 in the night to get it ... It was nice one, worth the trouble.

Then, the group photo, each one posing in a random manner - and then he was kicked. Then tipo showed us how to dance, and iv showed how a robot would be like - a small video of this will available soon on one of the ftp servers ...

Then, some FRIENDS and sleep at arnd 2.30 ... got woken up by an alarm of the cellphone at arnd 4.30 ... FUCK !! Its time to get ready for the CAT Class at Ameerpet - Career Launcher. I went to CL and came back by 8.45, in time for TOC.

The best part was that the total travelling time was close to 35 mins, 15 while going and 20 while coming back - courtesy, Alankar's car while going, and my car while coming. The normal travelling time would be close to 45 mins while going only ...

Two classes followed - TOC and DC - where I slept for most of the time... After coming back, I and Aziz went and booked tickets for Rang De Basanti 6.00 p.m. show ... btw, planning a movie in March 1st week with a girl .. any recommendations pls ... recos for the movie :) ..

Will post some more pics of the bday soon ... btw, vasan .. i think i'm gonna start bloggin everyday, and Sudeep took today's class - Quant - TSD and Work :)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Making it a habit ...

Mehdipatnam on Fire ... says ntr, I dont fucking get it - why shud someone here put a bandh, strike or whatever, if some dumbfuck somewhere does something ... and that too after almost a week after the incident ? Serious dumbasses...

Anyway, yesterday was nice ... I went in the afternoon to Andhra Bank for the 25k they promised for Felicity '06 with the photos and a video which they had asked for initially , and they asked for a advanced receipt, the covering letter and also their banner ... I thought of going to Country Oven, when they called me up and asked me to come on Monday ... It was a f***ing useless trip. The way back was nice ... From Tolichowki to college, 80 kmph was the average ... empty road ... it rocked!!

Came back to lab in the afternoon, randomly browsed thru blogs, and finally made my Tagging ... blog It was time for football, ran back to the room, and finally played in a match that I would like to forget asap. Another pathetic match resulting in a DRAW ( 0 - 0 ) against PG.

Then came back to my room feeling a bit bored, dejected etc ... Started playing Solitaire ..
got fkin bored with that too after sometime, dinner followed ... I had gayam raja's bike (Pulsar) with me ... then decided for a nice drive outside ... Awesome feeling .. driving at 100 kmph on the road's adjacent to IIIT... the one to HCU and the other to ISB and etc ... It was an awesome ride, for abt 90 minutes , came back and watched some FRIENDS and then fell asleep ...

Today started with that SE class, where ppl frm Microsoft came.. and started some programming stuff. It was pretty good compared to the normal boring SE classes. Then, it was time to go to Andhra Bank for the 25k, when we realized that the banner of AB was missing. N
Nobody has got any clue abt this so far ... So, the fate of the 25k still stands unknown...

So, it was evening (after some FRIENDS and BC ... ) when I planned to go to library for some studying before mids, but football ... 2 hrs of football was nice ... screw library ... and now I'm here getting ready to kick some arse tonight (coz its vishnu's bday) ...

One last comment :

Hope that I will be able to go to the CAT Class tommorrow at CL ... without any hiccups, coz of tht Mehdipatnam shit happening there ...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tagging ....

First things first,

If bad words, or vulgar language, is termed as 'BEEP' ; then when I wrote abt 20 lines in this BEEP BEEP post, this BEEP Mozilla Firefox says ' I'm BEEP not responding' BEEP teri ...


I am tagging finally, coz of IVY - Indurti Venkata Aprameya Rao. I dont know why I still call him IVY, when everyone else calls him IV. Always, I end up telling him that its because of that film called 'Poison Ivy' , and I finally end up thinking about that sexy Drew Barrymore was at her wow! in the movie ...

I'm sorry da vasan , but I'm finally into tagging ...

Btw, what the fuck is tagging ? I dont have any idea as to what it is, but will do it, coz i'm fucking bored ...

Here goes,

Seven Things I want to do in my life:

1. Own a Aston Martin
2. Own a Ducarti
3. Have a beach house in Goa, where I can roam in the above whenever I want ...
4. Invest all my belongings in the stock market...
5. Get into Harvard Business School
6. Kick George Bush, Musharraf in the nuts ... :D
7. Learn how to propose to a girl .. :)

Seven Things I can do:

1. Stay Idle for most of the time.
2. Tease ppl like ntr, erra balu again and again and again ...
3. Play cs or quake with bots without getting bored ... ( i've got a record in cs, which i feel cant be beaten)
4. Crib like anything abt some things in life ... :(
5) Play CZ well. :D
6) To keep a conversation going.
7) Blog almost everyday.

Seven Things I say the most:

1. What crap
2. WTF (I've tried getting rid of this word - f*** - in the first yr summer, but after I was back here, it was like a 100 times on the first day )
3. bulla
4. blah
5. Nee thalli
6. Den***
7. Dumbf***s

Seven Things I can't do:
1. Can't put on weight :( [ same as vasan]
2. Can't Study continuously for more than 15 minutes. [ worse than vasan]
3. Can't Stop cribbing abt certain issues in life ...
4. Can't refrain from pulling my friends' legs and being sarcastic. [if i'm referring to ntr or errabalu ]
5. Can't dance ... I always wonder abt krishnaaditya's dance...
6. Can't stop staring at a beautiful girl ...
7. Can't spend even 6 hrs without checking mail... [when i'm awake ]

Seven Things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. A beautiful gal in a black dress ...
2. Nice voice.
3. Assertiveness
4. Long hair
5. Good looks, a nice dress sense, and etc ...
6. Attitude
7. Ability to carry herself well in public

[Will update the above part soon ]

Seven Celebrity Crushes:
1. Elisha Cuthbert
2. Drew Barrmore (in Poison Ivy [1992] )
3. Liv Tyler [ One Night at McCool's ]
4. Anjelina Jolie [ Gone in 60 Seconds ]
5. Cameron Diaz [ The Mask ]
6. Anna Kournikova
7. Hayden Panettiere

Seven people I tag :

Arun - I dont know abt this...

Please anyone .. fill them up ;

I cant think of anyone now.